Lifestyle Driven

Personalized Coaching

from DiamondFit Performance

Your food & lifestyle choices are some of the most fundamental building blocks needed to achieve one’s overall health and fitness goals.

Providing the Path To Success

Whether you are a high-level athlete, a former athlete looking to get back in shape, or a complete beginner just starting your fitness journey, food and lifestyle choices can play a vital role in maximizing your results. 

Here at DiamondFit Nutrition, we take an individualized approach with each of our clients to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to achieve their goals.

Nutrition is Not a "One Size Fits All" Approach

We understand whether the goal is an upcoming athletic event, a revamped exercise routine, or simply a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, any active individual can benefit from nutrition education.

Get Tailored Coaching in 3 Steps

Request An Evaluation

If you are interested in our program, the first step would be to request an evaluation. The evaluation will help us learn more about your needs and determine if what we offer is the right fit.

Complete Your Evaluation

Once you fill out your initial evaluation, we will schedule a 15-minute call to address any questions or concerns.

Begin With Our Ramp-Up Program

Our ramp-up program is meant to provide consistent accountability and support as you work towards your goals. You will have an initial consultation with your coach to review your current health status, your current activity, what your goals are, and much more. This will help us better tailor our nutrition program to meet your needs.

The First Step To Better Nutrition

All DiamondFit Nutrition clients must attend a one-on-one consultation with a coach prior to being allowed to pay for a membership. This is so our coaches can get to know you, your goals, and better tailor our program to meet your needs.

Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you to for your introductory consultation.

Contact Your Coach

As a valued member of the DiamondFit Nutrition program, you receive priority support when it comes to any questions or comments you may have.

Fill out the contact form and we’ll respond to you by email as soon as possible.